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EppointmentsPlus is a software package developed by physicians to create a dream office where software and technology merge to actually make practice easier, save money, and reduce staffing needs while building patient loyalty.

EppointmentsPlus is a fully-customizable scheduling software package that allows patients the freedom to register on-line and gives the physician the option to allow patients to make their own appointments online. Multi-office practices can schedule patients at any location from any location while viewing the office schedule "live". The physician's office maintains complete control of the schedule. This in-office scheduling software is prefect for physicians who out-source their billing and need a state of the art scheduling software.

EppointmentsPlus scheduling software is HL-7 compliant and interfaces with several billing and EMR software packages including MediSoft, D.B. Consultants, MediNotes and TexTalk MD EMR. We are willing to work with any software vendor to integrate EppointmentsPlus scheduling software.

For more information and to view an online demonstration please visit:

  • EppointmentsPlus.com
  • We are happy to give an initial consultation free of charge to discuss your proposed site and give you some idea of what is possible and at what cost.

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